See Video Of Student Who Snatched And Danced With His Teacher’s Wig In Class

Student Who Snatched And Danced With His Teacher's Wig

A fresh student of Leflore High school, Alabama, United States might have gotten into trouble following a recent act he pulled on a female teacher at his school.

Reports have it that the freshman of the school had asked the female teacher, (who was a substitute teacher) for permission to go to the bathroom since his work was done. She got mad because she was telling one of her irrelevant life stories, which according to sources, is a norm. ‘She started janking him, he janked her back, she got mad and told him to sit his ass down and that was when the video recording started.’

Video Of Student Who Snatched His Teacher's Wig

The young man whose only social media account (Facebook) has been deleted since the incident, grabbed her wig and ran off, to the amazement of the entire class. He began dancing with the wig while his classmates screamed and laughed. As the teacher attempted to retract it from him, he began to dribble her.

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