Ruggedman denies swindling a foreign woman online

Michael Ugochukwu Stephens popularly known as Ruggedman has denied allegations that he swindled a foreign woman. In his reaction, the Nigerian rapper raised suspicion that she must have fallen into the hands of fraudsters impersonating him online.

Ruggedman said,he has warned people against sending money online without verifying from his real social media account.

It should be recalled that an Instagram user has promised to report Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, popularly called Ruggedman to the FBI for reportedly scamming her.

The Instagram user, identified as Coleendupri, said she has got proofs which include videos, voicemails, amongst others.

Ruggedman said, “I really don’t know what she’s about though, its possible people using my photos and fake accounts on the internet may have scammed her but I’m sure I’ve put out several warning about that in the past.

“She’s free to report to whichever authority she pleases maybe we’ll understand it better”.

Advance fee fraud popularly known as 419 or yahoo, yahoo is common practice online.

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