Falz reveals how he rejected bribe from politician (Video)

Falz on Esplash

Nigerian rapper, songwriter and actor, Folarin Falana aka Falz, was one of the celebrity guests on the debut edition of the new Entertainment Splash on TVC.

The singer who started his professional music career back in 2009 is known for his controversial music and conscious lyrics which seeks to call out Nigerian leaders and condemn societal vices. One of such songs is ‘This Is Nigeria’ which he released on May 25, 2018 and ‘Moral Instruction’ released on January 15, 2019. Both songs sent a message to Nigerian youths to awaken their Political consciousness and involvement.



Falz in his interview with the #ESplashOnTVC anchors – Ariyike Dimples, Amanda Dara and King Hojay, was asked if he was scared of the deep lyrics of his songs, to which he responded:



‘Scared of what?!’ That is the problem with Nigeria, it’s our problem as a Country, we are scared of “them”.


‘Like I said in one of the songs, you don’t want to die, but there’s actually nothing to live for. We are in such a chaotic state where there’s nothing exciting about the way we are living but we are afraid to die. What’s the worst that could happen really?!’



He further stated that ‘People have been lackadaisical about it, no one has really bothered about the political process and that is why we are where we are today. But now, they are beginning to Wake up.’

Putting him on the spot, Hojay asked him if any Presidential candidate whom he interviewed, offered him money to stay mute on his conscious music. Falz explained that there was a youth gathering to see a certain political aspirant sometime and there was an exchange of ‘envelope’“They tried to give me but I said well-done, thanks so much.”

Falz gave a comment on the new set of #EsplashonTVC: ‘I love it, it’s so good, so colorful and depicts what entertainment splash is about.  I love the splash of colors, so nice.’ Awww

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