Daddy Freeze reacts to news of Oyedepo’s Housing Project

Nigerian Christian author and the founder of Winner’s Chapel, Pastor Oyedepo reportedly opened his Mega Real Estate Housing Project “Canaan City” for Habitation.

According to report and photos circulating on the internet, the pastor’s long project has been completed. Much details were not given about this project, but Daddy Freeze has reacted to the report saying;


“Lets congratulate the bishop and the members of his church (a number of whom are poor), for making his dream come true.”



The Mega Real Estate Housing Project launched by the Living Faith Church Worldwide under the leadership of David Oyedepo is called “Canaan City” and it was constructed to house mostly members of the church and their family.



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  • Godstime Azeke
    March 26, 2019

    What exact business does Oyedepo do? Does he run a business? If no how does he acquires his Wealth?. It time to start asking questions.

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