Easy, Simple Ways To Prepare Delicious Gizdodo

Ways To Prepare Delicious Gizdodo

Many people have heard about this delicious meal, but not the cooking process.

It’s great to know that the procedure is absolutely simple, easy and straightforward.

These are the necessary ingredients but you can play around with them.

Yellow, red and green bell peppers
Sliced garlic
Seasoning cubes
Curry and Thyme
Vegetable oil
Ripe Plantain
Tomato paste
Blended fresh pepper

Ways To Prepare Delicious Gizdodo

Fry the plantain
For the sauce, use vegetable oil, cook pepper, gizzard, fried plantain and then the veggies come later so it can stay crispy. Don’t fry the onions
After the pepper is onions, garlic, tomato paste, and the the plantain goes in when it’s almost ready so it doesn’t get soggy.

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