‘Men who lust after big backsides are low lives’ – Reno Omokri

Controversial political critic Reno Omokri has dropped another bombshell for his followers. And this time he mentioned that only failures dream of women with big backsides.

In his daily #RenosNuggets, he wrote that rather dream of hitting women with big bosoms and backsides, men should instead chase big dreams and successes and then every other thing will fall into place.

According to Omokri, men who lust after big boobs and behind are low lives and if anyone wants to achieve anything in life, such person need not lust after the assets of women.

“Dear men, Big bosoms and backsides shouldn’t be your target. That is the target of low life men. If you want to go far in life, make big success your target. Hit that target and big EVERYTHING else will pursue you instead of you pursuing them.”


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