Billionaire Daughter, Meram Indimi shares her battle with Depression and Anxiety

In a country where people go through mental issues but cannot talk about it because of fear of being ridiculed or ignored, it was a bold move for the daughter of billionaire oil mogul, Meram Indimi-Dandatti, who opened up about her struggle with depression and anxiety.

Meram, who got married last year to Baffa Dandatti, took to Instagram to speak candidly about her struggle.

“A lot you may know me but what you don’t know is that over the years I have actually been dealing with anxiety and depression. It was quiet severe actually…Most days I don’t think they were worth getting out of bed for”

In an question and answer session with her friends and followers she talked about her she has since taken action and gotten help, her road to recovery, health and wellness, starting a business.

“I want to let you know that if you have loved ones, don’t forget to call them, tell them you love them and believe in them. Anyone struggling with anxiety and depression…whatever. You are not alone. It can get better. It will get better. I believe in you”

Read some of the questions and replies below…

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