Update: Mother of young lady shot by policemen in Ajegunle seeks justice

Mother of 20-year-old Ada Ifeanyi shot dead by Police men in Ajegunle, Lagos, on Saturday April 13th, has cried out for justice.

In an interview with Punch, the bereaved mother, who couldn’t hold back her tears, said;

“I spoke with her on Friday afternoon and she promised to come see me next week so we could celebrate Easter together. She’s a daughter I don’t want to miss in life. She had a loving heart, she was friendly and didn’t like trouble. When they called me around 7am that my daughter had been shot by the Police, I rushed down there and saw my child lying dead. A girl of just 20 years died like a chicken! What did they find on her that made them fire her? If they had shot the tyre, at least the car would stop. Is that what the government want for us? I want justice for my child! I wish she could live again for me, but it’s impossible! She’s gone forever!”

Ada was returning from a Night club with her boyfriend, Emmanuel, on Saturday morning when they were accosted by SARS officers. Worried that they could be kidnappers as they weren’t wearing uniforms, Emmanuel who was driving, continued and refused to stop. The policemen chased them to Ada’s home where they opened fire on them as soon as Emmanuel parked his car.

Five policemen have been arrested over the incident while one of them has been declared wanted.

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