Abandoned Baby rescued from Bush

A baby that was abandoned in the bush was being feasted on by insects and animalks in South Africa until she got rescued.

Thankfully, the child has been rescued alive and is being well cared for.

The child’s body has animal bites and scars, showing what she went through while alone in the bush. But this has not stolen her smile.


Baby abandoned in bush to be eaten by insects and animals is rescued


South African actor, Sivuyile Ngesi shared photos with the child after she was rescued.

Baby abandoned in bush to be eaten by insects and animals is rescued

by Linda Ikeji at 17/04/2019 8:25 AM
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Emmanuel Kachi about 12 hours ago

Thank you Jesus for life. Let’s appreciate God always.. #kachi

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Omalicha about 12 hours ago

Some women are not supposed to be mothers I swear.

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Anonymous about 9 hours ago

Couldn’t she just hand the baby over to an orphanage, hospital…or the authorities if you know you don’t want her???? Or drop her off at their doorstep if she didn’t want to be known or seen????I just don’t get it!!!

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Juliet Iwuno about 9 hours ago

Thank God she was saved! God be with her! Mum Jay take note!

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Julius Tha Freshboi about 12 hours ago

Thank God… lovely!

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Dimma about 12 hours ago

Some mothers r heartless. Thank God she’s safe.

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Ucy about 12 hours ago

Thank God..people pay millions for this yet someone threw hers away. It’s well

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Jakesocius about 10 hours ago

Thank you Jesus

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Okedu Kamalu about 12 hours ago

Thank you LORD!

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juan Collins about 12 hours ago

When the scripture said that human heart is desperately wicked, we thought it was a joke. if u dont need the baby, why engage in unprotected sexual affair, if you didn’t need her, why not give her up for adoption, i believe there are thousand and one good hearted people that would adopted her. Am happy she was recused alive…praise be to God

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Frequency Unlimited about 12 hours ago

People are so wicked, thank God she’s saved.

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Annonymous about 11 hours ago

Wish I could have her wat am looking for

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Anonymous about 10 hours ago

You will get yours in Jesus name.Amen

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david emirane about 11 hours ago

The thought that someone can do this to a helpless child just makes me sad

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Dugos about 11 hours ago

Why not take the baby to motherless homes, or give her up for adoption… You shall be great baby.

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Anonymous about 11 hours ago

Only God knows the state of the mother’s mental health, a lot of women are severely depressed and might not even know they need medical help and in the mix is a helpless child, these mothers in their depression have given up on themselves and in the process give up on their child. This child might have been conceived out of rape, who knows?. People are going through so much that you and I cannot even begin to comprehend there state of mind, thank God the baby was found and rescued.

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Edidiong about 9 hours ago

Great God, this baby will bring joy to the family

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ebere eneh about 7 hours ago

😭😭😥so heartbreaking!!!thank God she has been rescued

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Anonymous about 7 hours ago

Thank u jesus

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Rozer Mine about 6 hours ago

Thank God for saving her. !REMEMBER, JESUS IS COMING SOON!

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Peter Egbule about 5 hours ago

God is faithful

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