‘Criticisms Don’t Stop Me, They Keep Me Going’ – DJ Cuppy

It was an interesting conversation with Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola aka DJ Cuppy, on #TVC’s #WakeUpNigeria.

The disc jockey, record producer and daughter of Oil Mogul, Femi Otedola showed a lot of intelligence and humility in her interview with the anchors of #WakeUpNigeria, Titi and Mike.

“Cuppy comes from cupcakes. Growing up, I loved baking and I loved sweet things plus I had chubby cheeks so everyone called me cupcake and it became my nickname. So when I was to choose a DJ name when I was 16, cupcakes just stuck naturally. And now that I have evolved from just a DJ, to now making music, CUPPY is my name.”

‘How have you been able to keep up the happy spirit in spite of criticisms and internet trolls?’

“I experience a lot of criticism but what’s interesting is that I do what I do purely because of passion. Despite what people say, I’ve never stopped doing what I’m doing.

As someone in the public eye, I know I have a lot of responsibility. By being in the public eye, I have opened myself to a lot of opinions and everyone is entitled to their opinions. The only difference with me is I don’t let people take me away from my passion, I love what I do.”

Cuppy, who emphasized how proud she is of her Entrepreneur/Billionaire father and of being his daughter, noted how he inspires and keeps her going, also supporting her; not just financially but morally, as he keeps pushing her whenever she’s close to quitting. She acknowledged that even while she has access than others in life, what helped her was how she maximized the opportunity that came her way. Bottom line, she went this far in her career because of her dedication, hard-work and consistency; not just because of the platform her birth place gave to her. She stated:


Dj Cuppy, now Cuppy, has an undergrad. certificate in Economics and Business, and a Masters degree in Music, making her a professional in her Industry.

Her passion for education spurred her to start the Cuppy Foundation, under which she currently enrolls a number of students in the University of Lagos. Watch full video below:

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