2 ladies attack friend allegedly dating their dad (Video)

A viral video shows the moment two sisters pounced on their friend who allegedly is in a romantic relationship with their father.

The accused lady simply identified as Mirabel in the video, was seen held captive by these girls and was questioned what she does that makes their dad send her money.

During the heated conversation, which was in pidgin English, one of the ladies asked Mirabel why she was sending her pictures to their dad.

“You dey send am your picture!” one of the ladies said to Mirabel. Then another asked, “Wetin you dey do for am wey him dey send you money?” While the interrogation was ongoing, a lady mediated over the matter, trying to calm both ladies down.

Social media has been divided over what is right and wrong. Some have said it was wrong to hold the lady against her will, while others complained about shaming just the lady and leaving the father out.


“I don’t understand how beating the girl is the right thing to do… If that girl get good lawyers…na to sue them for assault and battery ….they will pay and still go jail… If you are dating a married man it is MORALLY wrong but not LEGALLY wrong.” A twitter user, Sensei Ralph, @Ibkzzle01 commented


“I think the emphasy should be on respecting friendship and family. Please Why leave the man out of this?I need the face of the man on Camera too. He obviously has no regard for his daughter and her mother.+Battery& holding a person captive against will/wish is a grave offense.” Another user, Adiela Nwosu, @PrettieAdiela said.


Watch the videos below:



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