CSP Dolapo Badmus challenges Yahoo Boys to come out and defend their jobs

CSP Dolapo Badmus has called out Yahoo boys, asking them in a statement to come and defend their jobs if they are so proud of it. She warns that as long as Yahoo is illegal and those practising it are still in hiding, one day, law will catch up with them and they will be arrested.

Total war against internet fraud and fraudsters!!! If you are bold enough as Yahoo messenger? (Yahoo Yahoo) report yourself to the nearest police station! A job you can’t boldly come out to defend, continue to hide behind keypads but be rest assured anyday, anytime the law catches up with you…you will be served beans in prison! Illegality will not overrun our dear nation! ?? All Yahoo messengers, their family and solicitors should take note..#protectiveservice #irejectyahoobusiness #istandagainstyahooyahoo

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