Nigerian Army have responded to viral video of soldiers breaking the leg of a man and forcing him to eat it

The Nigerian Army has responded to the viral video of some soldiers attacking a civilian man. In the video which has been making the rounds on social media, the soldiers could be seen breaking the leg of the man and attempting to feed it to him. In a statement released this morning. the Nigerian Army says the soldiers in the viral soldiers are not their members. Read the statement below MUTILATING FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS NOT IN OUR CHARACTER, TRAINING, MANDATE & STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES The Nigerian Army (NA) has observed with dismay a video clip circulating on some social media platforms showing some persons in camouflage uniform mercilessly disfiguring a leg of a fellow human being, with some others shabbily, carelessly and variously dressed. Some are wearing bathroom slippers. The NA wishes to emphatically state that having thoroughly examined the video and investigated further, it has reached the factual conclusion that all the characters...

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