Suspected Ritualists Caught While Trying To Kill Another Female Victim

There was a major ruckus among residents of a community in Ondo state after the capture of two suspected ritualists. The suspects are alleged to be among those responsible for the killing of elderly women in the Akoko area of the state and removing their breasts and other sensitive organs including private parts. According to reports, they were caught on Tuesday by some youths at Arigidi Akoko following an attempt to kill another woman in the same town where an 80-year-old grandmother was gruesomely murdered last week, with her breasts harvested. One of the suspects reportedly confessed that they are twelve in number who carry out the despicable act.  ...

Last chat between Hikmat Gbadamosi and a Friend, before she commited suicide

Read last conversation between Hikmat Gbadamosi, the 100 level Chemical Engineering student of the University of Port Harcourt, who committed suicide and a friend, before she took her own life. In the chat, Hilkmat was advised by her friend to stay away from a particular guy – probably her boyfriend – before she was later invited for a fellowship which she said she would have loved to attend if she would be alive the next day. According to sources, Hilkmat had been battling a medical condition since birth and the resulting pain sent her into depression. Before her death, she was complaining that the pain has refused to go away although she clearly did not specify the cause of the pain. However, other sources said she committed suicide because her boyfriend left her. Neighbour said she might have died since Saturday as they did not see her on Sunday and on Monday...

Twin Sisters Pregnant For The Same Man (Photos)

A man is currently trending on Social media, after he revealed and bragged on Instagram that his girlfriends who happen to be twins are pregnant for him. He bragged that he was the first to do it too. He wrote; “I bet ima the only nigg* y’all know with twin baby mommas and both kool wit it #goat I need a show blood”  ...


EFCC gets app to detect stolen funds

The International Criminal Police Organisation, (Interpol) has provided the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC) with an application that will enhance intelligence sharing in the tracking of organised crimes, including money laundering and terrorism-financing.

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