Charly Boy returns to perform on stage (Photos)

68-year-old Charly Boy popular for his activism in recent times, has returned to performing music on stage.

Charles Oputa thrilled fans who were present at the 2019 edition of popular comedy show ‘Nite of a Thousand Laughs’ in Abuja.

Charly Boy graced the stage alongside his dancers and the fans went wild, they could not get enough of him.


Charly Boy returns to perform on stage (Photos) -lailasnews

The 68-year-old ‘Areafada’ staged a come back at the ‘Nite of a Thousand Laughs’ which was filled with humour and glamour as both upcoming and established artistes took turns to entertain the crowd. He performed his new songs ‘Na we be Government’, ‘Our Mumudondo’, among others.


Charly Boy returns to perform on stage (Photos) lailasnews


CharlyBoy told journalists that he decided to use music as a tool to inspire ordinary Nigerians, especially youths, to realise that power truly belong to them. He explained,

“Music has been my age-long passion, and this time I am using it to awake the consciousness of all Nigerians, no matter where they are, towards building the country they desire.

“A lot of Nigerians do not believe they have a say in the affairs of their country, and this makes them to be docile.

“The Social Contract Initiative is designed as a contract between the citizen and the elected officials to collectively build a nation of our dreams.

“It is a contract between the people and the government at all levels, that citizens, will vote, pay taxes and be patriotic.

“However, citizens also require that government provide basic amenities, protect human rights and guarantee the security of lives and property.

“Citizens will do their part and political leaders should also fulfill their obligations as promised in their manifesto, and as required by the constitution,” Charlyboy said.

Charly Boy returns to perform on stage - lailasnews

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