Stella Damascus condemns the movie series, Lucifer

Recently, Joshua Bamiloye, son of Christian movie producer Mike Bamiloye criticized the movie, Lucifer on twitter, stating that the devil was using the series to win viewers’ souls over.

Shortly after, Popular actress, Stella Damasus condemned the movie series too, adding that it is Satan’s clever way of making people admire and get used to him.

In reaction too, Stella Damasus revealed what she condemned the show when she caught her kids watching the series. She explained to them why they couldn’t watch it and the kids agreed with her and passed the information to their friends.

She tweeted,

I had a conversation about this in my house weeks ago. Had to tell kids why they couldn’t watch it in my house or anywhere else. They understood and told their friends too. A clever and subtle way of getting one to get used to him and even admire. I no gree o..

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