Video: LASPOTECH student commits suicide after getting dumped by girlfriend of 9 years

The suicidal rate in Nigeria seem to be steadily increasing and it is really sad because it is happening mostly with students. Just recently, a Nigerian man identified on Facebook as King Ezekiel Joseph Mayowa committed suicide by drinking sniper after his girlfriend of 9 years jilted him.

Mayowa during a live video on his Facebook page, was crying while holding a bottle of sniper. According to him, he ‘lost his girlfriend’ when she went for NYSC. He said her attitude changed after she got into NYSC camp.

He said the lady took advantage of a mistake of 3 years ago to break up with him. He further advised the Federal government to scrap NYSC and also advised men to make money before dating any woman.

He reiterated that he’s tried his best, but it looked as though his girlfriend wanted someone who was financially buoyant. He says he’s been dating the said girl for 9 years, 3 months and 9 days.

He added that he pleaded and pleaded with the said girl, but she refused. In the video, he apologized to his mother for treading this path. He then made mention of some names, saying he’d miss them all.

Mayowa is a Part time HMT (Hospitality and Management Technology) student of Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu campus, and the President of their department.

His body was found this morning.



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