‘Ofada Special’ Is A Goal!

Ofada Special

The weekend is here! And special meals are the way to go. Treat yourself to a special delicacy of Chef Ayoola’s ‘Ofada Special’ and have for yourself, a weekend to remember.

Trying something different never hurt anyone, yeah? So let’s go. For this meal, you need:

Green and red pepper mix
Green and red chili mix
Palm oil
Beef cuts
Fermented locust beans
Cherry tomatoes (for garnishing)
Ofada rice (local brown rice)

Take note that you can however freestyle to however you want it.

ofada special


For an intensive ‘ofada’ feel, ensure you use green peppers and lots of onions to dout the effect of the pepper.
– Wash your local brown rice and boil
– Wash the pepper (green pepper, tatase) and onions, then blend
– Boil the meat and cut into smaller bits
– Fry the meat chops in palm oil, seive it, season the oil and add the pepper
– After the pepper has boiled and simmered, you can the toss in the chopped meat, locust bean, shrimps, prawns, crayfish and whatever you so desire.
– Your meal is ready to serve!!


See video below for a quick, explanatory tutorial from Chef Ayoola of Wake Up Nigeria.

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