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[tab title=”PROGRAM DETAILS” ]HEALTH MATTERS looks at anything and everything connected with health issues either within Africa or elsewhere in the world which will affect/interest Africans. Health Matters looks at the possible breakthrough in an anti-malaria vaccine, UN Programmes to combat infant mortality, the effect of AIDS among young people on a country’s future workforce, health-related conferences and symposiums, advances in medicine and research among others.[/tab]
[tab title=”MORE INFO” ]SHOWING ON TUESDAYS 2:30 pm


[list list_items=”Special Features, Interview with Experts, Health News, Healthy Tips, Ask the Doctor.” icon=”momizat-icon-checkmark-circle” icon_color=”#78c13c” icon_size=”14″][/list] [list icon=”momizat-icon-user3″ icon_color=”#2395e0″ margin_bottom=”0″ ]Producer: Habiba Basanya][list icon=”momizat-icon-globe” icon_color=”#ffa507″ margin_bottom=”0″ ]Social: #healthmatters[/list] [/tab]
[tab title=”MEET THE ANCHOR” ]Habiba Basanya[/tab]
[tab title=”FANS REVIEW” ] Ngozi Nwaeze‎: i watched a programme on TVC and was quite impressed…


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