Why I named my new album ‘Klitoris’ – Brymo

Nigerian singer Brymo stoked a lot of controversy when he revealed the title and artwork of his 5th studio album. The 'Jele O Sinmi' singer has admitted that the latest work titled 'Klitoris' is meant to have a sensual feel. “It’s a Greek word for ‘key’. It is where the word ‘clitoris’ itself originates,” he told TheNetNg. “This album is the key to a certain door I have knocked on for years; and yes it was meant to be sensual, there ought to be two sides to the coin”. On the album art of 'Klitoris' which has a semi-nude woman with what looks like the head of a spooky bird, Brymo said: “It is art, some might find it to be creepy, but it is just art.” “On the original artwork (designed in the United States), you could see all of the woman’s breasts.” “An edit was done by Duks here in Lagos after iTunes refused to...

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