Salivate Over The Ugba Soup (Oil Bean) With Okro Recipe

Salivate Over The Ugba Soup (Oil Bean) With Okro (Recipe)

Chef Mary Jane brought a very special and uncommon delicacy to the Wake Up Nigeria Kitchen today. She made a very unique and healthy meal of Ugba Soup (Oil bean) with okro. Interestingly, this dish has a very straightforward recipe and it is easily cooked. The richness of the Ugba extends to the benefits it has on its consumers. It helps to prevent cancer growth and improves fertility too. It has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to prevent scars from getting infected while also avoiding bacteria. Here are the necessary Ingredients to prepare Okro with Ugba (Oil bean Soup): Crocker Fish Stock Fish Kpomo Dry Prawns Okro Pumpkin Leaves Uziza Crayfish Onions Fresh Pepper Palm Oil Salt Seasoning Cubes Step by Step Procedure: - Roughly chop your okro and soften your stockfish with hot water - Set your Uziza for flavor and that enticing aroma - Melt your red oil a bit and fry your chopped onions for a little...

Wake Up Nigeria: Liver Masala And Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Chef Vee as usual, comes with his magical fingers into the Wake Up Nigeria kitchen and today, November 21, he taught us how to prepare Liver Masala and Sweet Potatoes. According to him, Masala is an Hindu word for a mix of spices such as ginger, garlic, nutmeg or more. The Ingredients needed for this recipe are: Liver Bell Peppers Onions Tomato Pepper Blend Curry Masala Yellow Pepper Vegetable Oil Seasoning Cubes Salt Eggs Sweet Potatoes Red Pepper Green Pepper   Cooking Procedure: Wash your liver with warm water, turn it into cold water, sieve it and then with little thyme, curry, pepper and salt for about 7 minutes. Boil your potatoes with little salt Add onions into heating oil along with blended tomatoes and pepper Season the broth and fry for a while before you add your Masala mix Turn in your seasoned liver and steam together for a while Serve as preferred It is important to note that sweet potato is one of the most nutritious food...

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