Easy recipe for ‘Stir Fry Basmati Rice served with drumsticks and Skewered Plantain’

Welcome to another fun and amazing kitchen segment here on WakeUpNigeria. We”re bringing you this special recipe from Chef Ofe Fadeyi of ‘CerisepinkOccasions’. Breakfast for the day is ‘Stir Fry Basmati Rice served with Drumsticks and Skewered Plantain’. Sounds a little too much? Don’t worry about it all this quick and easy recipe got you covered thanks to WakeUpNigeria. We bring you the best as always and in no time you can enjoy every bite of your meal.

#WakeUpNigeria: Easy recipe for ‘Efo Riro with Semo’

Guess who is back in the kitchen on #WakeUpNigeria. It’s Chef Mary Jane!.

Chef Mary Jane made a Yoruba delicacy called “Efo Riro with Semo”. Efo Riro is a rich vegetable that is native to the Yoruba of Western Nigeria. Traditionally, the vegetable leaves used to cook this soup are called ‘Efo Shoko’ or ‘Efo Tete’. Alternatively, spinach can make a very good substitute.

#WakeUpNigeria: The most amazing ‘Coconut Cake’ recipe

The Most Amazing Coconut Cake recipe.

Coconut cakes are moist, creamy and nutritious. Yes, nutritious! With an aroma really hard to resist, this cake is one to ‘wow’ everyone at home, office or anywhere. Chef Onome was in the kitchen today on #WakeUpNigeria and she baked ‘Coconut Cake’. Learn how to bake this cake in the easiest way possible with the recipe below.

#WakeUpNigeria: How To Prepare ‘Garnished jollof spaghetti and beef’

How To Make Prepare Garnished Jollof Spaghetti and Beef.

Kitchen corner today with Chef Tina on #WakeUpNigeria bringing her culinary skills to play. Chef Tina whipped up a special meal today, Garnished jollof Spaghetti and beef. This dish is  a full blend of nourishing nutrients. Garnished jollof spaghetti is another way to prepare your pasta other than the regular plain spaghetti and sauce.