Runtown lied about winning legal battle against us- Record Label

  Contrary to the news in town that singer, Runtown has won a court case against Ercimany his record label, the company says he has not even filed a defense to the matter against him, talk less of winning. According to a statement signed by Johnson Adumike, "It has come to the knowledge of Ericmany Limited that our artiste, Douglas Jack Agu, alias ‘Runtown’, has taken to the social media, especially twitter and Instagram, celebrating a supposed ‘victory’ in our case in Court. Runtown is telling lies. Runtown did not win the case. He has not even filed a defence. His lawyers only challenged the jurisdiction of the Court, claiming that the case is supposed to go for arbitration. Ericmany challenged the right of Runtown’s lawyer to appear in the case, since the same lawyer prepared the Recording Contract which Runtown is breaching. On 4th December, 2018, the Court ruled that Runtown’s...

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