Dreams die in Nigeria – Yul Edochie

Recently, a lot of entertainers have shown interest in the political sphere and this is some sought of an eye opener for the general public as entertainers have a huge following. Nigerian actor cum politician, Yul Edochie is one amongst other entertainers who are taking it upon themselves to change the failed system of government in Nigeria. The young politician shared a story of his friend who almost had his dreams shattered in Nigeria, only to get out of the country and boom!!! his dreams were achievable. “My friend hustled as a practicing medical doctor for over 10yrs in Nigeria with nothing much to show for it. He left Nigeria last yr to practice abroad, came back one yr after, got married, boughts lands, building his house and happy. Dreams die here. We can’t continue like this” Yul Edochie  on Monday, April 23, 2018 took to his Instagram page to declare his intention for running for Presidency. “Today I declare...

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